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Terms and Conditions of use Application

 Application operated by Knight Frank Chartered (Thailand) Co., Ltd. ("Company") customer ("You") using the application service will assume that you have read and accepted these Terms of Service. It is legally binding between the company and you. 

1. Definition 

"Agreement" means the Terms of Use. "Application" means Application operated by company. "Company" means Knight Frank Chartered (Thailand) Co., Ltd. "You" mean the customer. 

2. Service 

   2.1 Services are provided as shown on the Application. 

   2.2 Service model may be updated and changed. The company have the right to update and change. Without prior notice. 

   2.3 The Company have the right to temporarily suspend the Service without prior notice. In case temporarily suspending the Service, possibly due to application malfunction, network system problems, maintenance of equipment or damaged equipment. 

   2.4 The company have the right to cancel the service without prior notice.

   2.5 The right to use the Application Service will be as specified by the Company. 

   2.6 Application Services will have a Push Notification. 

   2.7 Application services may be linked to other websites. 

   2.8 Application services may be disclosed to other users of the service. 


3. Use of the service 

   3.1 You are entitled to use the services that appear on the applications provided by the Company. 

   3.2 You are responsible for making accurate personal and giving true and current contact information on the use of application services to the Company, it will be used for service and processing to improve the system. 

   3.3 You must do nothing to access any part of the backyard system, database and Applications without the company's permission. 

   3.4 You must not do anything that interferes with or harms systems, databases, and applications. 

   3.5 You are responsible for keeping the password accessing the application confidential. 

   3.6 You will need a polite word. Do not use profanity or obscene insults. 

   3.7 You acknowledge that the performance of the application depends. Mobile device, OS version and internet. 


4. Disclaimer 

The Company shall not be liable for any loss, damage or expense incurred directly or indirectly from the use of the Application as a result of its stability, delay, failure. Failure to use, no notifications, incomplete or inaccurate messages, bugs, errors, omissions, interruptions, data loss, virus 


5. Privacy Policy 

You consent to the collection and evaluation of personal, actual contact information and application usage data such as your first-last name, telephone number, application usage data and/or any other information of you. Your information will be covered by the privacy policy. You can learn more at the website or


6. Intellectual property 

Knight Frank Charter (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is the owner of all copyrights and intellectual property in all information displayed on the Application (including text, images and display formats), unless otherwise stated. It is forbidden for anyone to copy, have a backup copy, amend, and add data to publish any other purpose without being approved by the company. 


7. Condition integrity 

If there is any clause in the Terms of Service that is void or unenforceable in accordance with Thai law, the terms are deemed void or unenforceable. It has no impact on the integrity and other remaining requirements. 


8. Contravention of conditions 

In the event of a conflict of conditions between the Thai version and other language versions, the Thai version prevail over the conditions of other languages. 


9. Applicable Laws 

These terms and conditions of use shall be construed and governed by Thai law.

Last updated on 2 August 2023